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Forget The Fruitcake

See how seasonal fruits can add brightness to your holiday get-togethers.

With the holidays comes a bevy of heavy dishes. From Thanksgiving to right before we make our resolutions, we revel in the richness. But sometimes the decadence can take its toll. Who says that the holidays can’t be filled with flavor instead of regret? Or that we must forgo all freshness? This season, we say let’s forget the fruitcake and break through the blah with on-season, on-trend dishes using fresh fruit.

Baked to Win

Baking with fruit means more than just desserts. This year, scones, breads and handcrafted sweet rolls are taking off. By adding pure honey, grated orange zest and a sprinkle of chopped pears or currants, you’ve got a bright, delicious treat that you can whip out anytime company shows up (you can even add nuts if you really want). Or a simple fruit tart creates a gorgeous centerpiece at any holiday table. And even though chocolate never goes out of style, topping a naked cake with a variety of berries lets you sweeten up without breaking the calorie bank.

Fruit can even be incorporated into savory dishes. Instead of cranking open that can of cooked cranberries, buy them fresh at your local farmers market and cook them down for a better turkey topping. Or toss some juicy, red pomegranate seeds into a curried lentil or bean salad for a colorful, refreshing side dish.

After the Countdown

Revamping diets during the new year is often a lot easier than we think. Across menus and Pinterest boards alike, everyone is pushing protein. Beginning the day with something complex is a better way to fuel your daily grind. Enter one of the best fruits: bananas. Full of antioxidants, vitamins and potassium, there’s a powerhouse of protein goodness behind that peel. We love steel-cut oats or homemade granola with yogurt and a freshly sliced banana on top. And as snacking continues to take precedence during our mealtimes, a bag of grapes or a few oranges keep you balanced throughout the day and give you that sweet pick-me-up you need at 3pm.
















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