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Preserve This!

Can the canning with fresh ways to stretch your harvest.

The autumn preservation society is now in session! And we’re just as excited as anyone to sustain the season of bountiful goodness—just not necessarily like Grandma did it. Before you turn the kitchen upside down with canning projects, check out these simple, creative ways to preserve and enjoy your bounty all through the season.

Whip up some blueberry honey butter.

Create this delicious breakfast spread with any berry—it takes just five minutes in a food processor and lasts several months in the freezer. Simply stew your berries with a spoonful of honey before combining the simple compote with butter and creaming it into submission. Your morning toast will thank you for it.


Freeze a batch of basil cubes.

Basil “flavor bombs” are great for tossing into soups just before serving to add an herbaceous, aromatic punch. Chop basil in a food processor or with a knife and add enough olive oil to coat the leaves (roughly a 4:1 basil-to-oil ratio). You want the consistency of a thick paste. Spoon the herbal mixture into ice cube trays, freeze and then transfer to freezer bags.


Make brined pickles.

Lacto-fermented pickles are super-easy to make in any batch size you wish, and keep for months. Just prepare a brine using two tablespoons of salt to one quart of water. Chop pickles into bite-sized pieces and add your favorite flavorings or pickling spices. Weigh down your vegetables so they stay below the brine while fermenting, which you’ll want to do for 10 days or more. The longer they ferment, the more sour they become. Use this method for cucumbers, squash, garlic, carrots, green tomatoes, radishes or just about any other vegetable.

So get jammin’! (Or picklin’, or freezin’, as the case may be.) And delight in locking in and sharing the cornucopia of flavors from your harvest.

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