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Tech Time

See what hot innovations are fueling foodies everywhere.

There’s an app for everything, from helping to solve the problem of what to cook for dinner to converting measurements. But the ones that stand out are ones that can truly fuel your eating and drinking adventures.

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Three friends from Boston have created a food-centric play on the popular dating app. Users still swipe, except they swipe images linked to recipes, not potential dates. If a user swipes right, the recipe is saved to their “cookbook,” which they can access at any time. Tender also has filters for drinks, desserts, vegan, vegetarian, pork, beef and seafood.

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Called “Pandora for restaurants” because it gives users recommendations based on mood and preferences. The suggestions also come with pictures of the establishments, along with menus, dishes, reviews and the ability to make reservations. The app has half a million restaurants across the United States in its system.

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Chef’s Feed

Chef’s Feed is essentially Yelp reviews by the people you wish would write Yelp reviews—that is, people who actually know what they’re talking about. Reputable chefs from around the globe choose and curate the best dishes at their favorite restaurants, which are then packaged neatly with professional photos of their picks. Users can keep track of which dishes they have eaten as well as “pin” dishes they would like to eat.

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Craft Beer New York

There is finally a properly curated guide dedicated to craft beer in NYC. Craft Beer New York will help users discover the best breweries, bars and shops the five boroughs have to offer. The establishments were chosen and reviewed by the beer writer who authored Brewed Awakening. The app includes an interactive map and tips on what to drink and where to drink it.

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This clever app helps users split the tab—it’s as easy as snapping a picture of the receipt, tapping items to claim them, and letting the app calculate exactly how much is owed—tax and tip included.

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Blush for Wine

Gives users wine recommendations based on their mood, and shows them where they can purchase a bottle. The app even remembers wine preferences for you, so when you can’t remember the name of that ace vino, there’s a note somewhere a little more reliable than a drunken memory.

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This app makes eating seasonally and scoring the freshest produce a while lot easier. It uses your location to find the closest farmers’ markets, plus their hours of operation. Once a market has been selected, users can scroll through photos posted by friends and other users to see what’s available there.


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